The vast majority of accommodation in the region is locally owned and they purchase local products too. They are usually built with traditional materials and techniques (thatched huts). They are called Campements, although its shape is that of a bungalow style of huts, as if it were a typical home in the area.

Despite being comfortable and hospitable, the standards of comfort of the campements may not be of everyone's tastes. The shower water is always cold, because the average temperature is high, and in most cases is 'bucket and gourd' instead of 'gravity'. Sometimes toilets are outside and in some cases are latrines. However, these elements, far from being a problem, tend to motivate tourists even more, since it is closer to the every day in Africa.

  • Kedougou

  • Chez Diao

    Campement recently renovated, small but quiet and very welcoming in the center of Kedougou. Toilet and shower inside the rooms. Comfortable and well maintained. Good and affordable food.
    > Contact: Vincent, Tel: 00221 339851124

  • Chez Moïs

    Welcoming camp in central Kedougou, near the bus station. Practical and well designed, but the management was a bit careless in recent years. Hopefully that will change.
    > Contact: Dominique, Tel: 00221 773548818

  • Le Relais de Kedougou

    Pleasant hotel with pool and restaurant with panoramic views to the river Gambia, near the post of Kedougou. Air-conditioned rooms with toilet. A hotel with all comforts. With wifi.
    > Contact: Quartier Ngoma, Tel: 00221 339851062

  • Bandafasi

  • Campement Chez Leontine

    Leontine is a charismatic bedik woman that has fought to have what she wanted: A pleasant camp by the foot of the hills where the bedik dwell. It is worth to make a visit to her camp and meet Leontine. Main activities: Hiking in the bedik mountains, visiting the remote towns in the mountain.
    > Contact: Leontine Keita, Tel: 00221 775549915

  • Affia

  • Campement d’Affia

    One of the most isolated settlements in the region, due to the condition of the road. But the scenery and the hospitality of the small town is worth a visit. Tour to the waterfall, the river, and to the Dindefelo Reserve.
    > Contact: Oudi Ba, Tel: 00221 33 982 3602

  • Ségou

  • Campement de Ségou

    Campement located in a beautiful valley near the cascade leading to Ségou. Possibility of a 3-day circular hike to Afia II, Dandé and Dindefelo. Segou is included in the Dindefelo Community Reserve.
    > Contact: Samale Diallo, Tel: 00221772337650

  • Dindefelo

  • Campement Villageois

    Quiet and nice community campement, just 20 minutes from the famous waterfall and natural pool of Dindefelo. Comfortable basic rooms, shared toilets. The profits of this campement are used to fund some needs of the village (school, clinic, etc.). Good and affordable food. Tour to the waterfall, caves on the border of Guinea Conakry and villages of the region.
    > Contact: Ricard Diallo, Tel: 00221 775165875

  • Campement Africa Cascade

    A very basic campement, but very pleasant, thanks to the extraordinary kindness and professionalism of its owner, an enthusiast of his region and eager to please the traveler. Bike tours, foot or 4x4: Nyokolo Koba Park, Bedik country, country based, caves, hippos in the river Gambia in Mako, border of Guinea, etc.
    > Contact: Djibril Camara, Tel: 00221774358540

  • Campement Le Dogon du Fouta

    The newest and most comfortable campement in the village, with spacious huts built of stone or bamboo. Beautiful and comfortable rooms with shared toilets. Meals are hearty and delicious.
    > Contact: Moctar Diallo, Tel: 00221 775523831

  • Dande

  • Chez Doba

    Campement at the top of the waterfall at 400 m above Dindefelo. Accessible only on foot. Ideal for privacy and to enjoy nature. Its owner Doba is an active guide who speaks fluent Spanish and English. There are various visits around not to be missed.
    > Contact: Doba Diallo, Tel: 00221773606401

  • Ibel

  • Campement Croisée de Cultures

    Recently built campement in the village of Ibel, located at the foot of the Bedik village called Iwol. Very good place to visit nearby villages and learn about their cultures.
    > Contact: Souleye Ba, Tel: 00221776160583

  • Salemata

  • Campement Chez Gilbert

    Since 1985, this camp in the village of Salemata offers the only accommodation option in this village of the Bassari country. Perfect to learn about the Bassari culture and environment. Recommendable market on Thursday.
    > Contact: Gilbert Bonag, Tel: 33 985 1400 - 77 654 4935

  • Ethiolo

  • Campement Chez Balingo

    Balingo is a unique person, with many stories to tell about the Bassari culture. He managed to build a beautiful campement on the Ethiolo valley, in a wonderful location in the heart of the Bassari country. Pretty stone huts, traditionally built. Very comfortable rooms and shared toilets. Visit to the village, harvesting of palm wine, walking to visit the caves of initiations.
    > Contact: Balingo Bindia, Tel: 00221339379698

  • Mako

  • Campamento Badian

    Nine-room shacks built by Bassari along the Gambia River, in the environment of the National Park Niokolo Koba. Toilet in the rooms, restaurant, bar and view points to observe hippos.
    > Contact: Tapha Ndaw, Tel: 33 957 5839 - 77 555 1873

  • Campement Keur Annick

    Beautiful place in front of the Gambia River, with resident hippos in front, and a pleasant and enthusiastic owner who has also a travel agent license. Hiking, biking or 4x4 to visit the villages, and the park Niokolo Koba.
    > Contact: Paul Dechambenoit, Tel: 00221775647326

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