Programme de conservation du Chimpanzé de l’Afrique de l’Ouest au Sénégal

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The Aim of this program is to contribute to the conservation of chimpanzees and sustainable development in the region of Kedougou. The creation of the RNCD is the first visible result of this program that aims to protect the last remaining chimpanzees in Senegal, and improve their chances for demographic and territorial expansion. At the same time it is expected to improve opportunities for sustainable progress of local human populations.

The presence of chimpanzees in Senegal is largely unknown to the inhabitants of the country. However, these remaining groups in the territory of Senegal have characteristics that make them particularly important.Its adaptation to heat and savanna, their eating habits and other cultural differences, and the conflict with humans in some areas, are enabling new behaviors scientifically documented, which in turn help to understand the conservation issues.The program includes research, conservation, education/awareness and ecotourism, led by the Rural Community Dindefelo, with the technical support of the Jane Goodall Institute Spain and the support of the Fundación Biodiversidad and USAID.

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Dauda, Lili y Diba.

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