> How to get to Senegal

From Spain there are different daily and weekly flights to Dakar, with Iberia, Spanair and Air Europa. From France, Air France offers a daily flight.

> How to get to Kedougou:

Once in Dakar, there are three ways to get to Kedougou.

1. Night Bus.

The new company www.niokolo-transports.com has established two direct weekly trips between the two cities. It is practical and saves a travel day, if your flight's arrival fits well with the departure of the bus.

DAKAR 20h00 – KEDOUGOU 07H00. TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. Reservation in Dakar: 00(221) 775295655
KEDOUGOU 16H30 - DAKAR 07h00. THURSDAY AND SUNDAY. Reservation in Kedougou: 00(221) 775295660

2. Sept-place.

The popular seven-seater. Until the night bus started, it was the best option to travel by public transport in Senegal. They are Peugeots 507, adapted to fit 7 passengers and the driver. It may be uncomfortable at times but is now part of any independent travel to this country. Other options, such as vans for 15 or more people, are ineffective because of the long time they take.

To grab the Sept-place, you should go to the Gare Routiere of Pompiers in Dakar and take one to Tambacounda. Once there, take another to Kedougou. The road has recently been improved and can be reached in half a day.

3. Hiring a car with driver.

It is also possible to rent cars with driver or even without it (though not recommended) in Dakar.

> How to go around once in Kedougou

- Take a Taxi-brousse to move mainly along the road between Kedougou and Salemata to reach Bandafasi, Ibel / Iwol, Salemata and Ethiolo.
- Rent a taxi for the roads in better condition.
- Rent a 4x4 for the roads in worse condition. See the Guide list for help on that.

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