Agencies offering package or customized tours to Kedougou, assuming the principles of responsibility and sustainability of the destination.

This adventure travel agency has been specializing since longtime on forms of responsible ecotourism, in combination with the program of the Jane Goodall Institute Spain, Ecoviajeros.
This well-known adventure travel agency is also committed to integrating the principles of responsibility and sustainability in their trips. Among its wide range of custom or group travel offers the destination Senegal.
This organization promotes the construction of campements in disadvantaged areas to improve local living conditions. To do this they organize trips to the region several times a year.
The owner of Keur Annick campement is a licensed travel agent, has a 4x4 and is eager to show the region to travelers. He speaks French and English.
Although they usually work locally, they can help organize a trip from start to end.
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Instituto Jane Goodall España
Delegación Senegal
Dindefelo, Región de Kedougou