In the Niokolo Koba National Park (PNNK), a World Heritage site by UNESCO, there are substantial numbers of large mammals such as lions and large antelopes, but the deterioration in the last 10 years is evident. On the other hand, emerging community initiatives such as Community Nature Reserve of Dindefelo (RNCD) offers very promising conditions for conservation.

In these two protected natural areas, and what is more interesting, also outside them, we can find different species of vertebrates very attractive to expert naturalists and ecotourism amateurs. Some of them are:

  • Hippo


    Can reach 40 - 50 years of age. His eyes, nose and ears are on top of the face to use them when they are in the rivers during the day. At night are more active and go to land to eat grass.

  • Kingfisher

    African Giant Kingfisher

    It is one of largest African Kingfishers (45cm), but very discreet. Eats frogs and small fish.

  • Crocodile

    African dwarf crocodile

    armless for humans due to its reduced size (1,50-1,80 m). It eats crabs, fish and fruits, which makes it different from other crocodiles.

  • Turaco

    Purple, Green and Gray Turaco.

    These spectacular birds that live exclusively in Africa can be found in this region.

  • Chimpanzee


    (Pan troglodytes verus)In Senegal is found only in the region of Kedougou. It is highly endangered. See Dindefelo Natural Community Reserve

  • Chameleon

    Senegal chameleon

    They are small harmless reptiles characterized by the independent movement of his eyes and his ability to change color.

  • Senegal bushbaby

    Senegal bushbaby

    Small nocturnal primate that moves by jumping from tree to tree looking for rubber, fruits and insects. They are sometimes hunted by chimpanzees in this region.

  • Rock python

    Rock python

    It is the largest African snake. It can reach 6 meters. It eats rodents, birds and mammals that kills by strangulation. It is not poisonous

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