Why a section on sustainability and responsibility?

Because local and regional institutions, local population and tourist agents in Kédougou are aware of the ecological and cultural values of their environment and are committed to protecting them. This is not an easy task in a country with great social needs such as unemployment, poor access to health care, etc.

The most important step taken so far in preserving the natural and cultural values of the region is the creation of the Dindefelo Community Nature Reserve, which will better protect those values. The creation of the RNCD by the Dindefelo Rural Community is part of a conservation program of West African chimpanzees, present within its boundaries, and sustainable ecotourism development.

The Agreement for Sustainable Tourism in Kedougou is a breakthrough towards a long-term planning of tourism activities in conjunction with conservation projects and the enhancement of the socioeconomic conditions of local communities.

In addition to the vision of sustainability, which ideally leads us to think about the long-term consequences of what we do today, in tourism or any other human activity, we also speak of responsibility, which appeals to personal and organizational ethics in carrying out any activity.

Here we propose a Decalogue to travel more responsibly.

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